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The Friends of Penny programme

At 1pBroadband we want happy customers, because the best way to spread the word about us is through customer recommendation.

If you enjoy the service and value we provide, then feel free to spread the word. When you do so and one of your friends or family decide to join us, we would like to reward you and them with a months free broadband as an extra 'thank-you'.

Refer a friend

1. You refer a friend

Tell your friends about us. When they decide to join 1pBroadband, ask them to use the code or the personalised referral web address we give you.

Refer a friend

2. Your friend signs up

We will take care of everything for them and get them switched to our award-winning service soon as possible.

Refer a friend

3. Your friend gets one month's broadband free

When your friend joins they will get their first month's broadband free.

Refer a friend

4. You get one month's free broadband too

We will reward you with a month's free broadband as a 'thank-you' for referring them. Once their account has been live for 30 days this credit will be applied to your next bill.

Don't stop at just one referral - there is no limit to how many month's of free broadband you can recieve!