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The 1pBroadband Affiliate Program

About us

Our aim is to provide the UK's best value fibre broadband service with cheap calls, NO PRICE HIKES and great customer service - so you'll never need to switch again!

With highly competitive rates which includes your landline rental charge, and calls from as little as 1p a minute, we offer great value and pride ourselves on our high level of customer service.

Why become a 1pBroadband affiliate?

To help spread the word about the great service we offer, we are always on the lookout for affiliates to assist in driving new customers to our site.

It's simple to register as a 1pBroadband affiliate through the TradeTracker network. For each new customer order generated by your webpage, we'll provide a commission in return.

Pay Per Click Search Activity Restrictions

This directive addresses suppliers or resellers of 1pBroadband services, and price comparison and/or service switching companies, hereafter referred to as Affiliates.

Pay Per Click (PPC) search activity and brand name bidding is strictly forbidden by Telecommunications Management Limited trading as 1pBroadband, hereafter referred to as 1pBroadband.

The "1pBroadband" keyword are brands exclusive to 1pbroadband and must not be referenced in any paid search advertising which may compete against historic, current, or future 1pBroadband paid search strategies.

Affiliates are forbidden to bid on any "1pBroadband", or any derivation or misspelling (broad, match, broad match modifier, phrase or exact) of those brand names.

Affiliates are required to add these exclusive brands as broad match negatives across their paid search accounts. This extends to brand plus derivatives such as, but not exclusively confined to, "1pBroadband Broadband", "1pBroadband Fibre", "1pBroadband Full-Fibre".

Affiliates are not permitted to bid on misspelled, or variations of 1pBroadband brand names as a keyword within paid search activity.

Affiliates must not use domain names that contain 1pBroadband brand names, any derivative of these brand names, or any domain name that would directly or indirectly associate 1pBroadband with a third-party’s website or online sales collateral.

Further information

Full programme T&Cs can be found within the TradeTracker interface. 

You will find a full selection of banners, in various sizes, within the TradeTracker interface.

For any additional questions you may have about joining our programme, feel free to contact the affiliate team with any questions, and please do let us know of any promotional opportunities that may work well for 1pBroadband.

We look forward to working with you!

The 1pBroadband Affiliate Team

Join now via the TradeTracker website.